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Suite Treatments Staging and Design is committed to transforming your living space into an unforgettable environment that potential buyers can envision their new lives in. With a 30,000 sq.ft. warehouse filled with one-of-a-kind furniture and art pieces, high-end contemporary, traditional and vintage pieces, plus lighting, we have the inventory to fill any home staging needs.


Research has proven that home staging has brought in an average of 10-25% higher selling prices.  Take a look at our process below:


  • On-site visit

  • Design review

  • Color palette

  • Space objective

  • Budget goals


  • Recommend improvements

  • Design plan and slide presentation

  • Pricing

  • Dates

  • Agreements


  • Sign + deposit to schedule

  • Stage home -1 day/2 if large home


  • Contingency removal/COE dates

  • Two weeks advance notice

  • Break down usually one day


  • Many clients love pieces that are selected for the home. If they are available, they are open for purchase as well.

See how we can help sell your home.

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