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A history of DJing

We love our music. Come into Suite Treatments on any given day, and you'll hear slaps from Ice Cube, psychedelic Pink Floyd, or some funky Prince tunes. Throughout history, music has changed the heart and soul of Suite Treatments. It has inspired Jacque Barsotti to base her entire life around the music industry. A product of this love is Suite Treatments, an event design and decor rental company in the Bay.


We’re representing the music we love that spans different time periods with our recent addition of DJ booths and accessories. To understand where we are going, we have to reflect on where we’ve been, and it all started in 1935. American radio commentator Walter Winchell coined the term "disc jockey" as a description of radio announcer, the first radio announcer to gain widespread fame for playing popular recorded music over the air.

In the late 50’s music started popping off in the ghettos of Kingston Jamaica. People brought the party to the streets with speakers and records; all coming together and enjoying the best form of entertainment during that time. The young DJ’s picked the music and controlled the crowd, creating legendary block parties. These block parties became so successful, people would capitalize on it by selling food and alcohol. The growing sizes of these parties started a rivalry between DJ’s for the best sound system, and newest records.

Kool Herc

In the 60’s, DJing began taking a new form. With growing popularity and competition, Disco Jockeys were looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. “Beatmatching” was popular by DJ Francis Grasso at New York's famous night club, Sanctuary. It was the act of syncing up songs so there wouldn’t be a break in the music.

In the mid-1970s, the soul-funk blend of dance pop known as disco took off in the mainstream pop charts in the United States and Europe, causing discothèques to experience a rebirth. During this time period, Dj’s would use a booth very similar to our Revolve Booth.

It features tall sations with a presence that can't be matched. What’s especially nice about this booth is that it has built in speaker mounts, that can be aimed in any direction. This style is slowing evolving to the 1980’s where techno music started emerging from the Detroit club scene.

Being geographically located between Chicago and New York, Detroit techno artists combined elements of Chicago house and New York garage along with European imports. Techno distanced itself from disco's roots by becoming almost purely electronic with synthesized beats. It was a combination of different DJing styles and methods that directly reflect another Booth in our inventory reminiscent of the time period.

Our Heavy Metal booth is just that; it's thick and uniform construction fits the styles for varieties events and music. The booth is similar to its historical predecessors, having a lower and upper shelve that is great for holding large amounts of equipment --even enough for a duo DJing set.

Daft Punk

During the early 1990s, the rave scene built on the acid house scene. The rave scene changed dance music, the image of DJs, and the nature of promoting. The innovative marketing surrounding the rave scene created the first superstar DJs who established marketable "brands" around their names and sound. The day of picking up and dropping a needle has far been surpassed, with the advancement of the compact disc, and digital mixing boards.

Now in the 2010’s Dj’s are craving a high end booth that embodies the EDM culture and technological advancement of this generation. To meet this demand we built our very own DJ booth called the “Matrix.”

Our Matrix Booth has multi-colored LED panels that create exciting visuals for fans; deal for any type of electronic music. Now moving forward into 2017, we are excited to have some suite new inventory that is ideal for DJs and their clients. Whether it be Kool Herc or Daft Punk, our love for music at Suite Treatments is shown in what we do. It has been, and will always be Suite Treatments’ passion.

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