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  • Grant Wurgley and Shannon Kaplan

Sucker for Succulents

On February 7, 2016, the Denver Broncos were victorious against the Carolina Panthers, scoring 24-10 in their 3rd Super Bowl championship. The Super Bowl was in our backyard, San Francisco, and we were oh so grateful to be involved. Levi’s contacted us to create an experiential design for their event at the Super Bowl City in Downtown SF. Our team and the creatives at Levi’s collaborated on the designs and the product was the beginning of a new era-- our first living, breathing succulent wall.

While succulents and other plants have been apart of Suite Treatments since our inception in 1999, this was the first time we’d ever created a plant installation of such large proportions. We decided to use the succulents for our living wall to keep it local and native. Succulents are known for their sustainability because of their drought resistance, and low maintenance.

How did we make this magic happen? All of the succulents were attached to grids that were then adhered to multiple five foot by five foot planter beds. The planter beds were then put together to create ten foot by ten foot panels on both sides of the buildings.

Fast forward one year, and we’ve have been growing, breeding, and collecting different varieties of succulents in our green house ever since. Now we’re taking our love for succulents to the next level, and looking for more opportunities to have our suite creations reach more of the general public.

Catch us at the Jack of All Trades Craft Fair from 11pm-5pm on February 11th, located at Jack London Square in Oakland. We'll be showcasing and selling our succulent centerpieces and charging stations so come by and say hi. Don’t forget that special, all of our items for sale would make a great valentines gift.

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